Interesting Fraud Websites

Over the years I have visited websites to check out the latest news in fraud and executives. You may be interested in viewing them too. None of them are linked to me or my business or endorsed, this is purely a public service to get knowledge out there about this world wide problem. If you know of any other websites please use the comments below and I will add them to this list.   This is a general criminology website but they do have some good papers which relate to fraud. This general site can have useful posts if you are researching particular types of fraud. Have a useful taxonomy or classification of fraud. As the tag says, this UK site has some good papers on staff fraud. This site is good for their annual reports on fraud 2002 onwards. However be careful of the statistics as they are mostly derived from investigators providing information about their cases.  This site has a wonderful collection of inside stories and rumours of US fraudsters.

Bit of a tangent, but good to check out with executive fraudsters: report on diploma mills –

UK experts have developed guidelines and interesting information about fraud: