Terry 2015 smallDr Terry Sheridan PhD, FAIM, AFII, is the author of this website. Her PhD research and daily work has centered on difficult and fraudulent managers. Her recent book ‘Managerial Fraud‘ is published through Gower/Ashgate UK and available online through Amazon Book Store.

Her consultancy is Guardian Angel Holdings which has 3 areas of expertise for the workplace triad with a difficult executive:

  • The employers of these individuals.
  • The managers themselves who can change and be less difficult if they wish to – Terry has a great success rate with these type of managers.
  • The colleagues and subordinates who have to work with the senior manager.

Terry also writes many articles for popular reading about how to work with a difficult manager.

In order to reach more people who have to suffer at the hands of a fraudulent or difficult to work with manager Dr Sheridan is the author of a pro bono advice site  – The Executive Doc where people can receive free advice on what to do and how to handle such behaviour.

Furthermore, you can read Dr Sheridan’s personal blog at The Corporate Forester

If you wish to see her CV check it out at Linked In